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SALOMON Agile LS Tee W brick dust/apple butter
-42 %
Brand: Salomon Code: LC1483200
Reizēm galvā Tev ienāk ideja skriet vairāk un tālāk. Agile LS Tee Tev nodrošinās atvēsināšanu, sausumu un ādai maigu, patīkamu sajūtu. Garās piedurnes nodrošina siltumu, komfortu un pamanābību (rokās iestrādāti atstarotāji) vēlajās vakara stundās! Svars: 108 g..
19.00€ 33.00€
SALOMON backpack Extend Go To Snow goji berry
-25 %
Brand: Salomon Code: LC1575000
One bag for all your boots and gear.Bring your most important equipment on board. The EXTEND GO-TO-SNOW GEARBAG is a convenient backpack that carries all of your most essential ski gear, including boots in two separated compartments, goggles and gloves, plus a layer or two. And, it still fits into a..
80.25€ 107.00€
SALOMON backpack with hydration Active Skin 8 Set wrought iron/sedona sage
-30 %
Brand: Salomon Code: LC1758000
"The comfy vest for your first longer trail adventuresInspired by top trail runners, this spacious hydration vest is great for starting out and gives you the confidence to take on longer trails. Prioritizing comfort, the ACTIVE SKIN 8 for men is soft, snug and breathable. Let’s not forget the modula..
93.80€ 134.00€
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