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Winter backpacks are not only practical, but also a stylish accessory that helps you keep warm and comfortable when you go on a trip or daily walks in cold weather. Here are some important facts and tips about winter backpacking:

Materials: Winter backpacks are usually made of durable and water-resistant materials such as polyester, nylon, or special treated fabrics that are able to protect the backpack and its contents from moisture and cold.

Insulation: Some winter backpacks are equipped with special insulation or insulation that helps to keep warm and prevent the cold from affecting the backpack and its contents. This type of insulation is especially useful when traveling to cold countries or doing outdoor activities during the winter.

Ergonomics: Most winter backpacks are ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort and back support, especially during a long walk or trip. Adjustable shoulder straps, back support systems and a comfortable waist strap will help to avoid pain and discomfort during prolonged wear.

Functionality: Some winter backpacks are equipped with various features and additional elements, such as multiple pockets and compartments, that help organize and keep things organized. Some backpacks may also be equipped with special fasteners suitable for carrying snowboard or ski equipment.

Design and Style: Winter backpacks are available in various designs, colors and styles to suit different personal tastes and needs. It is important to choose a backpack that is not only functional, but also meets your personal style and aesthetic requirements.

Maintenance and Cleaning: To maintain the longevity and appearance of your winter backpack, it is important to regularly clean and maintain your backpack, especially after use in dirty or snowy conditions. Special cleaning agents can be used to prevent staining and maintain water resistance.

Selection and Size: Before purchasing a winter backpack, it is important to consider the intended use and frequency of use, as well as personal needs and preferences for size, color and style. It's important to choose a backpack that fits your lifestyle

ATOMIC backpack equipment RS Pack 30L rio red
-30 %
Brand: Atomic Code: AL5050310
Pack tight and light with the Atomic RS Pack 30L. Cleverly constructed with a skier’s needs in mind, it features a Boot Fixation Station so you can fasten your boots to the outside. Keep them protected from wind and rain with the Boot Fixation Cover and stow it away easily when it’s not needed. This..
103.60€ 148.00€
ATOMIC backpack equipment RS Pack 90L rio red
-30 %
Brand: Atomic Code: AL5045320
Atomic's athletes love a branded pack (who doesn’t?) and the big RS Pack 90L is the one a lot of them use to carry their equipment up the mountain. It helps you stay organized thanks to separate compartments for boots, helmets, accessories, tools and bottles. It’s hard wearing and water and sta..
130.20€ 186.00€
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