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Alpine skiing poles. Skiing poles for slalom. Skiing poles for downhill.

ATOMIC poles AMT black
-40 %
Brand: Atomic Code: AJ5005622
Available in different color combinations, the Atomic AMT is a seriously hardy ski pole with a 60mm piste basket and the Ergonomic AMT Grip – designed for all-mountain skiing with special ridges for an improved grip. The pole itself is made from a lightweight aluminum alloy, keeping it looking great..
21.00€ 35.00€
ATOMIC poles AMT Carbon black
-40 %
Brand: Atomic Code: AJ5005616
Atomic AMT Carbon is specially designed for all-mountain skiing – with an Ergonomic AMT Grip that has special ridges for a more secure hold. The poles themselves are made from 4* Carbon so they’re light, rigid and hardwearing, with an easy to use adjustable strap.Ergonomic AMT Grip (1K) - An ergonom..
29.40€ 49.00€
ATOMIC poles AMT Carbon SQS black/anthra
-40 %
Brand: Atomic Code: AJ5005696
Carbon composite poles like the Atomic AMT Carbon SQS provide a great combination of low weight and high rigidity – no-one likes a bendy pole! It’s made with Carbon Pole Technology, plus it also comes with Atomic SQS, the Safety Quick Release System that instantly releases your strap under tension t..
48.00€ 80.00€
ATOMIC poles AMT JR black
-40 %
Brand: Atomic Code: AJ5005780
The Atomic AMT JR is an ideal pole for any serious young skier looking to get to the next step. It’s made of high-grade lightweight aluminum. It also has Atomic’s elastic kids strap, which is easier to put on – and easier to take off after a fall. Plus a special junior grip and junior round basket.3..
19.20€ 32.00€
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