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Wide range of snowboarding and skiing helmets in stock. Ski helmets are important because they can protect your head from injury in the event of a fall or collision. Skiing and snowboarding can be high-speed sports and accidents can happen, even to experienced skiers and snowboarders. A ski helmet can provide vital protection to your head and brain in the event of an impact. Helmets from Atomic, Anon, Dainese, Oakley, Salomon. When choosing a ski helmet, there are several factors to consider: Fit: The helmet should fit snugly and comfortably on your head. It should not be too loose or too tight. You should be able to fit one or two fingers between the helmet and your head, but no more. Safety ratings: Look for a helmet with a safety rating. Ratings indicate that the helmet has undergone rigorous testing and meets safety standards. Type: There are several types of ski helmets to choose from, including hard shell and in-mold helmets. Hard shell helmet have a separate shell and liner, while in-mold helmet are made from a single piece of foam that is molded to shape. Both types of helmet are equally effective at protecting your head, but in-mold helmet tend to be lighter in weight. Material: The shell of the helmet should be made of a strong, lightweight material such as polycarbonate or fiberglass. The interior should be lined with impact-absorbing foam and have a comfortable, moisture-wicking fabric. Features: Look for a helmet with additional features such as a visor to protect your eyes from the sun and wind, and a moisture-wicking interior to keep you cool and dry. Some helmet also have built-in ventilation to help regulate temperature. Price: Determine your budget and look for a helmet that offers the features and protection you need within that price range. It's also important to note that you should replace your ski helmet every five years or after any major impact, even if it appears to be undamaged. A helmet that has been involved in a crash may have structural damage that is not visible from the outside.

ATOMIC helmet Count Amid RS black/white
-10 %
Brand: Atomic Code: AN5005560
When you’re up at 70km/h safety takes on a whole new meaning. This Atomic World Cup helmet delivers ultimate protection up to 30% higher than FIS specifications and RH2013 requirements. The Carbon + Aramid construction features new AMID protection foam, a dual-density foam system that protects again..
178.20€ 198.00€
ATOMIC helmet Count Amid RS dark red
-10 %
Brand: Atomic Code: AN5006242
We can’t make professional slalom any less brutal but we can make it safer – with the groundbreaking Atomic Count AMID RS helmet. Designed in the Atomic race department for slalom racing up to World Cup level, it’s used by none other than Mikaela Shiffrin. The big deal is the combination of two inno..
178.20€ 198.00€
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