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Body armor is specially designed to provide safety and protection to riders. The jackets are equipped with built-in protectors and reinforcements designed to reduce the risk of injury in the event of a motorcycle crash or accident.

The main goal is to protect the rider's body from possible injuries and bruises. The jackets are made of special materials that can withstand impacts, scratches and bruises. They provide protection mainly in important areas such as shoulders, elbows, back and chest.

ACERBIS body armour Galaxy grey/black
-10 %
Brand: Acerbis Italia Spa Code: 0023731.293.
4 Season protective undergarment. Dryarn technology fabric for high breathability. Side zipper closure. Neck brace compatibility. Removable P.O.I. technology protection (visco elastic material). BACK PROTECTOR EN1621-2/2014 LEVEL 2. CERTIFIED. CHEST PROTECTION STONEGUARDEN 14021 CERTIFIED. SH..
165.60€ 184.00€
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