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Protective equipment for the whole body - armor jackets, armor shorts, pants, knee guards, elbow guards, neck guards, chest armor, back guards, belts and guard accessories.

Available brands - Acerbis, Asterisk, Clover, Dainese, Husqvarna.

Can be used for motorsport, BMX, travel and everyday riding.
ACERBIS body armour Galaxy grey/black
-30 %
Brand: Acerbis Italia Spa Code: 0023731.293.
4 Season protective undergarment. Dryarn technology fabric for high breathability. Side zipper closure. Neck brace compatibility. Removable P.O.I. technology protection (visco elastic material). BACK PROTECTOR EN1621-2/2014 LEVEL 2. CERTIFIED. CHEST PROTECTION STONEGUARDEN 14021 CERTIFIED. SH..
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