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Husqvarna, Oukley, Parts Europe and ProGrip brand glasses, protective lenses and glasses films.

Designed for both enduro and cross country.

Various colors, patterns and designs.

When shopping for new goggles, there are five factors to consider:

1. Protection: Goggles should be durable and designed to protect your eyes from dust, wind, as well as impacts that may occur while driving.

2. Vision quality: Make sure the glasses provide good visibility and a clear image.

3. Comfort: Glasses should be comfortable to wear. Choose models that are light and adapt well to your head and face.

4. Ventilation: While riding you may encounter intense physical activity which may cause excessive sweating. Goggles with good ventilation will ensure air flow.

5. Safety: Make sure the glasses meet safety standards. They should be designed to withstand bumps and bruises, and they should also be chosen so that they can be securely attached to your helmet.
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