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Cross-country ski jackets are tailored to meet the demands of the sport, offering insulation, breathability and weather resistance.

Here are some key features and considerations to consider when purchasing a cross-country ski jacket:

Material: Cross-country ski jackets are usually made of lightweight, breathable and waterproof materials. Commonly used fabrics are nylon, polyester and Gore-Tex. These materials help keep the skier dry by allowing moisture to escape while protecting against wind and precipitation.

Insulation: Cross-country skiing is a highly aerobic activity, and skiers generate a significant amount of body heat. Jackets for this sport often have little or no insulation, as excessive heat can cause overheating. Instead, they focus on wind protection and moisture management to keep the skier comfortable during intense exercise.

Breathability: Breathability is very important in cross-country ski jackets to allow moisture and excess heat to escape, preventing overheating and discomfort. Jackets often incorporate ventilation features such as zippers or mesh panels to improve airflow and regulate body temperature.

Fit and Mobility: Cross-country ski jackets are typically designed with an athletic and slim fit to reduce bulk and increase freedom of movement. The jacket must allow full range of motion, especially in the arms and shoulders, allowing skiers to make the necessary arm and pole movements without restriction.

Length and coverage: Jackets designed for cross-country skiing are often cut longer to provide extra coverage and protection against snow and cold temperatures. The extended length helps keep the lower back and hips warm and prevents snow from entering the jacket during falls or when skiing in deep powder.

Features: Cross-country ski jackets can include features such as adjustable hoods, high collars for extra neck protection, waterproof zippers, multiple pockets (both internal and external) for storage, and reflective elements for improved visibility in low light.

SALOMON cross-country skiing vest Light Shell W black
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Brand: Salomon Code: LC1601400
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