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IDAS is a company specializing in orthopedic and ergonomic shoes, insoles, and other accessories that provide comfort and support in various activities, including sports, daily activities, and travel. Here are some important facts about SIDAS soles and accessories:

Personalized Approach: SIDAS offers a personalized approach using the latest technology to create soles that perfectly fit your feet and provide optimal support and comfort. This personalized approach can include foot scanning and analysis to determine individual needs and preferences to create insoles that comfortably and effectively support your feet.

Sports Soles and Accessories: SIDAS offers a wide selection of sports soles and accessories designed to improve sports performance, reduce fatigue, and prevent injuries. Sports insoles can offer additional cushioning and stabilization, which is especially useful for intense physical activities such as running, skiing, or mountain biking.

Daily Accessories: In addition, SIDAS also offers a variety of daily accessories, such as leg and arm warmers, support straps, and other products that will help maintain comfort and warmth in cold weather conditions or long walks.

High-Quality Materials: All SIDAS products are made from high-quality materials that ensure durability, comfort, and longevity. These materials are particularly resistant to wear and moisture, which makes SIDAS products a reliable choice for both sports and everyday use.

Innovative Technology: SIDAS continuously implements the latest technologies and innovations to improve the efficiency and durability of its product range. It includes the latest materials, designs, and manufacturing processes that help create products that meet the latest trends and requirements.

In general, SIDAS soles and accessories are known for their high quality, innovative technology, and personalized approach that ensures comfort, support, and excellent performance in a variety of activities and conditions. These products are popular among both professional athletes and everyday users who appreciate comfort, support, and quality in their daily activities.

SALOMON soles Inlay Ortholite
-10 %
Brand: Salomon Code: L86068200
The Salomon Ortholite Inlay is a type of insole designed to cushion and support the foot. It is commonly used in running and other athletic shoes to help improve performance and reduce the risk of injury. Also useful in casual shoes of other brands, if the existing insoles are worn out. Ortholite ha..
8.10€ 9.00€
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